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Plans and Pricing

GH2 Unfiltered

Exclusive Access


  • Paid Substack subscription is included
  • Everything that cannot be in ‘publicly available’ information.
  • Names of carriers to avoid, or notable drawbacks.
  • Types of policies with thorough explanations, not just sales points.
  • GH2 Unfiltered exclusive videos and analysis

One-Time Analysis

Any topic, hours unlimited

  • GH2 Unfiltered first-year subscription waived.
  • A full review of an individual contract or situation.
  • Example: Review your life insurance, to find out if your rate is competitive, or if there is a chance of future rate increases.
  • Example: Portfolio review. We will provide comments on your fees, and your portfolio risks. There is no perfect portfolio, so we will provide an unbiased commentary on your holdings.
  • Example: Employee benefits. If you receive benefits as an employee, we will be able to comment on the pros and cons.
  • Fee waived for Medicaid recipients.


Comprehensive Financial Planning

  • GH2 Unfiltered subscription is permanently waived.
  • A full review of your household’s entire financial status.
  • Income / Social Security
  • Tax
  • Investments
  • Estate plan
  • Insurance
  • Individualized cashflow modeling, yours to permanently keep
  • Unlimited question and answers through time at no extra cost

There’s Good Reason for a Subscription Site

Financial Fluency

Financial fluency is not hard to attain. However, you must distinguish between the signal and the noise. Once you have it, you will be able to adapt to an ever-changing world.


Shortcuts have a logic and a reason. However, shortcuts can leave the wrong impression, which affects decisions. Thorough explanations prevent errors, simple.


Financial products involve math. That is the inevitable fact. GH2 Unfiltered explains how it affects your math of money.


No one is asking, but if they did, then real-world solutions can be actually implemented.
And if you are hoping for utopia, that’s ok. But, then there is practical reality.

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