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The Underfunded Pension Timebomb Has Ripple Effects

Ticking Timebomb

There is no getting around this issue. Governments have been:

  • Using inflated projections regarding portfolio returns
  • Not been saving for future retiree healthcare benefits
  • The hole is so large, that services provided by governments may be “crowded out.”

Background: The Public Pension Timebomb (link)
We Need To Start Talking About Post-Employment Benefits (link)

If you have watched the “Start Here” video, you know that there is a big, big difference between “anything can happen,” which is the error in forecasting, versus “the facts tell us that something is likely to happen.” Now look at these links, and your community. If you believe that there is an easy solution to this, then you are ignoring facts, and “hoping” that the “anything can happen” scenario works for you.

It’s an important distinction. What you do you after you have the facts is your decision. You may have reasons to make that decision that are not part of this discussion. That is entirely different from not knowing the facts, not understanding that when a new development occurs, it wasn’t really random at all. It was basic common sense.