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Some of the articles in the Newsletter don't exist in the general public. For example, "How to Fix Health Insurance Markets" is a combination of information that doesn't exist. I am very certain of this, the reason is the other writers on these topics don't have the combination of a) information or theoretical background on financial derivatives and financial markets and b) real-world exposure to Farmer Fred.
Can you get theoretical information from the Ivory Tower? Yes. Can you find a financial derivatives expert? Yes. Have those people sat with a person who relies solely on Social Security for lifetime income? Or with incurable illness on SSDI for a decade? Ah.

What You'll Get:

1. Free signed copy of Maximize Your Medicare (2020-2021 Edition)

Shipping included. Release date: January 7, 2020, by Allworth Press.

2. Maximize Your Medicare (2019 Edition) - ebook format
3. Medicare Carrier Review

This alone is worth the entire subscription price. Idiosyncrasies are specifically named. The Newsletter leaves breadcrumbs (underwriting differences, red tape, guaranteed acceptance not being exactly the same as Guaranteed Issue). Who those carriers are, and what those quirks are? Named here. The bottom 4. How to Manage Change to Medicare. The awful truth is demographic and fiscal reality is forcing change. line is that the weight of 60MM Medicare beneficiaries is creating unintended consequences, largely unseen by the public. Some of these consequences are very negative. Some of these consequences are positive, and GH2 Unfiltered will help people avoid or take advantage. At stake? $1000s of dollars, and material difference in benefits. If a penny saved is a penny earned, then a penny not saved is a penny lost. 

While the rules are federal, there are state-specific exceptions. While there are many carriers, that doesn't make them all equal. If all else is equal (in Medigap, that is the case, contract language is standardized), then there are carriers that are far more difficult, for one reason or the other, either today or tomorrow. That cannot be provided in public for free because someone will misunderstand it and use it wrongfully.
That said, 'Medicare Carrier Review" will pay for itself, pretty much on an annual basis, and if it doesn't, then feel free to cancel.

4. How to Manage Change to Medicare. The awful truth is demographic and fiscal reality is forcing change.

Employers are reducing or eliminating retiree benefits. Pensions may be protected by law. Health benefits are not (and this has been confirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court). We are reviewing specific, large employers. YOU CAN REQUEST YOUR EMPLOYER'S CONFIGURATION TO BE REVIEWED AND WE WILL DO SO, RIGHT HERE.

5. Special Explanations about Other Financial Contracts.

There are other, more complicated financial matters involved in financial planning, irrespective of age. Maximize Your Medicare is the simplest book i could've written, and tales of what I have actually seen exceed "This Happens." But I knew then, and it has been confirmed, that most people don't understand Medicare to start, so advanced topics cannot and should not be attempted.

In simple 4th grade math, as in finance, the order of operations matters (multiply before subtracting). Financial planning has this same thing, where knowledge of health affects your time horizon. When it comes to money, every single calculation or decision comes to one thing: time.
The flip side is that the sellers (carriers) know the demographics well and are adjusting at a torrid pace. GH2 Unfiltered will explain Life Insurance with Living Benefits exhaustively, and point out how it may be very good, and what inherent risks lie in the weeds.

6. You will receive our real-world critiques and credits of policy and their advocates.

It doesn't matter what your politics are, every side is twisting facts to further their point of view. Where you stand depends on where you sit, indeed. We don't have a horse in the political race. When you couple the way that people consume information (they scan, they read Twitter, or the sound bite), something gets left out. Something vital.

Here's one: the AARP has a message, but has distorted academic research. The slogan #NoAgeTax is badly distorted. I had to write a statistics research firm to point out the distortion. It was impossible that the statistics firm concluded what the AARP implied. I read the research: that isn't what the research said at all. That's fine for the AARP, I am very certain that was not fine for the statistics research firm (the leader in insurance statistical study. 

The issue? The AARP is powerful, and I am not disputing the overall message. However, the AARP went way over the line. Worse? A female M.D. adopted #NoAgeTax as her slogan. Much worse because her professional credentials are impeccable (black female, UNC, UPenn Medical, Johns Hopkins: it really gets no better than this, impeccable). It is impossible that she didn't pass statistics. Impossible, and yet, her Tweet? #NoAgeTax. My stomach sank.

7. You will receive an additional, subscribers-only Newsletter to inform you when there are updates.

You can ask: "Why now?"
Answer: the noise is getting worse. 

That leaves under-informed consumers to fend for themselves. The information required to actually decide is very different from the information provided by advertisements, the press, or policy wonks. You know this. GH2 Unfiltered is the method we will use to communicate the ins and outs of where the strengths and weaknesses lie.

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