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How to: Guaranteed Lifetime Income Annuities

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The Traditional Pension is Gone Forever

Now what?

A. You can convert a pot of money today, and generate a guaranteed income stream. This is called a Single Premium Immediate Annuity (SPIA). The market is very competitive. You can choose the pattern of cash flows (life only, joint life, you name it). Note that this amount can be established so that the amount remains constant, even after the first spouse passes away. This is notably different from Social Security (you can only get a single Social Security check), and depending on how you have chosen, it also may decline under Defined Benefit pensions (where the survivor receives x%).

B. You can deposit today, and let it accrete to a calculated number (called “income base”), and then at a point in time in the future (you choose), you can convert that amount into an income stream that never expires, and never declines.

There are TONS of sellers of both, and under point B, every seller calculates differently, and every seller uses their own snappy trademark language (“Bill’s Inc Guaranteed Income Supreme Deluxe+”).
That doesn’t invalidate the objective of the contract, that is also explained in the guide.